Think out of the box and improve your creativity

By Paloma Martin Ramirez on February 28, 2017


Everyone is creative even if they do not realise it. The reason why most of us find it hard to think out of the box is because our brains are just too efficient. Logic is always our default go-to tool when coming up with ideas, even though the best ones often emerge from intuition and association.

Most people aspire to be creative and have an original insight which makes them stand out from the crowd. But is creativity a random process or is it something that can be nurtured and triggered using a variety of techniques? Most of the people conclude that we are simply not gifted with the ability to create.

But over recent years, numerous research findings have found quite definitely that creativity can indeed be learned and nurtured. Our brains just need a nudge – or several constant nudges – in order to quit being lazy and start making new connections. Scientists suggest these five things could help you unleash your creative side and get the creativity motors running.

Do things differently

Altering your daily routines can result in changes happening in your brain. If you want to come up with innovative solutions to a problem which is bothering you, then doing something as simple as changing aspects of your daily routine could lead to a creative insight. People should seek out unexpected experiences if they wish to think differently and to approach problems with a fresh perspective.



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