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6 Strategies to keep stress low, productivity high, end 2018

December 31, 2018

Between holiday stress, distracted or vacationing employees, unusual sales patterns, and managing your year-end budget, the fourth quarter isn’t the easiest time of year for business owners – especially the small business owner. Not only is everyone looking to you for answers, but keeping your business running smoothly while also trying to grow is no easy task.

But keeping stress low and profits high doesn’t have to mean adding items to your To Do list. The following tips can help you boost efficiency and preserve your peace and sanity in Q4 and beyond.

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What’s happening in the world of PR today?

December 26, 2018

With IoT and the reality of our connected world today, the pressures on brands are unrelenting and their need for a PR partner and strategic content marketing consul, is a matter of necessity. Companies of all sizes, government bodies, personalities, NGOs and more all have very specific and clear objectives when it comes to gaining mind share and building a strong brand presence with their customers/audiences especially online. The art of effective storytelling is a deal breaker, as it’s not just about writing or filming/capturing content, rather the talent is in making it relevant, true to the brand and targeted.

It follows that organizations are investing more in experienced PR consultants to collaborate closely with and design a robust PR strategy with a special focus on online reputation management. As a result of this close partnership, businesses can enjoy the benefits of an expert content creation resource that enables them to be responsive to breaking news, fake news, and ongoing conversations taking place online round the clock.

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Active DMC promotes two senior team members

December 19, 2018

Sawsan Ghanem, Managing Partner at Active DMC, expressed confidence that “Lauren and Stanislava are ready for their extended leadership roles that include driving agency business growth and servicing clients’ diverse communication needs across Middle East. I believe the road to successful growth and expansion is to focus on nurturing the talent from within and supporting leadership opportunities.”

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Cloud Content Management Brings Structure to Digital Transformation

December 9, 2018

The cloud has fundamentally changed the way organizations operate in the digital economy. Research reveals that the cloud is considered a key investment between now and 2025. 66% of surveyed organizations rate cloud initiatives as top priorities, second only to security, and ahead of mobility.

We commonly see and use cloud-based applications and innovation on a daily basis in:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, analytics
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud containers
  • Microservices, connectors, APIs
  • Robotics automation
  • User experience (UX)


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Social Media Will Play a Key Role in Regional Cyber Attacks in 2019

November 25, 2018

FireEye has released its 2019 Security Predictions Report. Facing Forward: Cyber Security in 2019 and Beyond, taps into FireEye’s deep well of leadership and expertise to pull together a wide range of thoughts about what’s to come in 2019 and beyond.

Read the key findings here | Arabian Reseller


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