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كومسكوب تناقش مستقبل الشبكات في معرض جيتكس 2016

August 29, 2016

تعتزم شركة كومسكوب “CommScope”، المتخصصة في مجال بناء وإدارة الشبكات السلكية واللاسلكية جعل الاتجاهات التي سترسم ملامح تحول الربط الشبكي في جميع أنحاء الشرق الأوسط محور تركيزها في أسبوع جيتكس للتكنولوجيا 2016.

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Active DMC to Handle HintHunt’s Communications Campaign in the UAE

August 22, 2016

Active (Digital. Marketing. Communications) has been appointed as the PR and communications Agency for HintHunt Dubai, the leading escape game destination in Dubai. Active DMC will be handling the Communications campaign for HintHunt in the UAE, promoting the unique games it offers to different segments of the community including Corporate, Educational sector, consumers and more.

Lina El Saheb, Managing Partner at HintHunt Dubai, said: “We chose Active as our communications partner as we believe they have the passion, true understanding of our business, and experience to drive a creative and targeted campaign that will raise our profile amongst target audiences so that more people enjoy HintHunt escape games.”

Sawsan Ghanem, Managing Director and Founding Partner at Active DMC, added: “We are proud to have been given the opportunity to work with such an exciting international leader brand in the escape games industry and promote a gaming destination with a difference. We look forward to working closely with the HintHunt Dubai team through an integrated marketing campaign designed to deliver on their communications objectives and get the local community including families, students, companies from different sectors to experience the thrill of an escape game for themselves.”

HintHunt opened in Dubai in Times Square Centre two years ago and continues to hold the number one spot as the activity provider of choice in the ‘Fun & Games’ section on TripAdvisor. It is also the only escape game destination in the UAE with a meeting room that can host up to 30 people and enough game rooms to accommodate large groups of up to 35 members at the same time, thus catering to corporate events and team building activities, as well as students and family get-togethers.


Active DMC_Eye of Dubai_Active DMC to Handle HintHunt’s Communications Campaign in the UAE_22 August 2016


Putting partners and customers first

August 14, 2016

Pui-Chi Li, Head of Marketing for Xerox MEA discusses putting partners and customers first. She also talks about this milestone in her career and the company’s plans forward.


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Supercharge your business

August 8, 2016

Creating a high-performance culture isn’t about hefty bonuses or visionary leadership. Could empowering people be the key?


“High-performance cultures really start from the top,” says Thom Janssen, practice leader at Willis Towers Watson. “You need a strategy and a culture that supports that strategy and, most pivotally, to use leadership at various levels to drive that culture and align it with the strategy.”

Janssen suggests that high-performing companies set themselves apart by having a clear focus on the market, understanding and responding to market changes, and putting the customer first. Internally, high-performance cultures look at clearly identified employee value propositions. From that grounding, he says, they go on to create sustainable engagement in the workforce.

“Certain employees are not only happy but are really connected to the business – with their heads, their hearts and their feet,” says Janssen. “They believe in the organisation, its goals and objectives, they’re proud of the organisation and they go the extra mile to make sure it is successful.”

Such a level of engagement usually means businesses enable their employees – not just motivating them, but really giving them the tools and resources to perform to a consistently high degree, as well as looking after their wellbeing. While GCC companies generally have made progress in successfully communicating where they are going and how they will get there, as well as having line managers who can create effective teams, Janssen believes there is more to be done.


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