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Arab Ad - The new PR taking shape

November 29, 2010

Joint managing directors Sawsan Ghanem and Louay Al Samarrai of Active PR share their take on what the current PR 2.0 model looks like, and elaborate on how this setup is slowly being adopted by both marketeres and clients throughout the region.

From a PR perspective, digital communications has not had the same impact, either on the media itself, or on the communications activity of the majority of the organisations we work for as it has in Europe or the US for example. We most certainly recognize its importance, more as an opportunity for brands and organisations to dialogue with their stakeholders as opposed to just “selling” to them. The MENA region however, may require a paradigm shift in the culture and relationship that has traditionally existed between the media and organisations, namely that of a one way street approach.


Communicate - Word to the wise

November 22, 2010

Communicate asks the industry: what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received? Among others, Active PR’s managing director Louay Al Samarrai shares a story of the best piece of advice he ever got.


Communicate - Bad vibes

November 22, 2010

Why do consumers love to loathe some brands? And what can corporations do to turn around an evil image?

A 2003 film documentary about corporations – named, obviously, The Corporation – explored big business’ legal status as a class of person (in the United States, corporations are entitled to most of the same legal rights as humans) and their behavior. It came to the conclusion that some corporations behave like psychopaths. They are self-interested, inherently amoral, callous and deceitful, breach social and legal standards to get their way, and do not suffer guilt. The Corporation‘s case studies of companies acting irresponsible include research into the use of Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH) by the Monsanto Company to induce higher milk production from cattle, and the privatization of Bolivia’s municipal water supply by the Bechtel Corporation.

If corporations are psychopaths who create brands, are brands psychopaths? Is this why some consumers continuously protest against some brands? While it may be outside Communicate‘s jurisdiction to label brands as psychopaths, there are undoubtably some that, in the eyes of consumers, act irresponsibly. As a consequence, these brands come under fire from consumers, who are becoming more informed and empowered. Communicate wanted to ask regional experts for their advice to the owners of controversial brands.


Gulf News - APRN eyes new partnership after website launch

November 18, 2010

The Arabian Public Relations Network (APRN) is trying hard to forge a well-connected web throughout the Arab world. The network, which aims to promote communication between independent Arabian public relations and marketing communication agencies, launched its first website this past week.


Al Bayan - Recreational activities bring this team together

November 9, 2010

Recreational activities brings the team of Dubai-based Active PR together.


















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