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Active PR attends PROI Vienna conference – over 50 partner agencies... and Twitter!

May 31, 2009

PROI logoVienna – the city of Mozart, Schubert, waltzes and coffee houses saw the meeting of the 39th Annual International Partners of the Public Relations Organization International (PROI), Founded in Europe in 1970, Public Relations Organization International Inc. (PROI) is the oldest global partnership of independent public relations firms serving clients around the world with over 46 partners in 90 cities and 20 countries the PROI represents over 3,000 Clients across the world.

The conference covered a number of areas including the initiatives to market the network more effectively, the role of social media and its growing importance to PR Agencies and their Clients alike as well as the successes of the network in taking Clients out to different markets and regions of the world.

Active PR attended this event for the first time – being unable to attend the event in Beijing last year – and presented the Agency and an overview of the region, their ability to cover the greater part of it from their offices in both Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia along with their Associate Partner in Cairo Egypt.

The event was both a great opportunity to meet the fellow partner Agencies but also to exchange ideas, obtain the support and commitment of both people and resources to developing and enhancing business areas such as social media and extended services as the role of a public relations Agency evolves in the increasingly digital world of media and communications.

The PROI network brings a host of advantages to the member Agencies but most importantly offers Clients a world of communications partners that are – independent, passionate about public relations and very often in the top three within their region or country. This compares favorably with the larger “same name” networks where the effectiveness and efficiency of the different offices across the globe can vary and adversely affect a Clients PR and communications programme in key markets or regions.

Post the event, Active PR has engaged with several of their partners in Europe and the US and begun work with a range of US and European based Clients.

















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