Mark Peacey, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications

I would like to thank you for all your Active team’s support in helping to maximise AspenTech’s message in the region during FY16-Q1. This has been a tremendous help in reinforcing our standing in the Middle East and, in particular, our presence at MEPEC 2015. The coverage has been successful at reaching the target publications and establishing our relationship with the Arabic press. Your team have worked diligently through this project to promote our key messages and provide opportunities for AspenTech to increase its brand visibility and thought leadership. Thanks again for all your efforts. I look forward to continuing to work with your team to promote our AspenTech themes.



Laura Kelly, Marketing Manager, MEA

CommScope has been working with Active PR for three years in the Middle East and we have seen the success of this collaboration time and again. The team have a thorough understanding of our solutions and business needs, which reflects in great coverage and media opportunities.

From media engagement to events, their support across different PR sectors is highly valuable to us and we can always rely on them to deliver the expected results, and beyond. We see Active as part of our team and we are happy to have them on our side.


Xerox International

Dan Smith, General Manager for Integrated Marketing

We have been working with Active PR since 2004. During this time our PR strategy has evolved from one of brand positioning and awareness to one of specific targeted aims in different sectors and markets. Active has been instrumental in achieving the goals that have allowed us to develop this strategy. They have a flexible and proactive approach coupled with a real passion for success in messaging and interaction with Media in the Gulf region. Our Brand is one of our key assets and Active have always helped us to leverage it in the best possible manner.