84% of Middle East IT decision makers value thought leadership content


Code Red, a global security PR network, has recently conducted an international research to discover how IT security decision makers source their information to help make decisions on which vendors to go with or recommend.


As Code Red’s Middle Eastern arm and a business-to-business  (B2B) communications consultancy, Active Digital Marketing Communications, (Active DMC), invested in this research to include a focus on UAE and Saudi Arabia, to be able to provide its clients in the region with research backed recommendations.


Dianne Canham, Head, Code Red Security PR Network, commented: “We felt the need to conduct a global study to gain insights into what influences purchasing decisions of IT security managers worldwide. Sharing these insights with our network and partners was of great importance to help us as a network provide our clients with the best quality council.”


The research revealed that UAE and KSA IT security decision makers spend over three hours weekly consuming thought leadership content, which is the highest among all participants.


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