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Friday Magazine – “I’m always looking for the next challenge”

Published on September 13, 2012

Ideas spout from Sawsan Ghanem’s mind like a fountain that cannot be switched off. This is why she jumped from public relations to marketing Middle Eastern fashion talents, she tells Shiva Kumar Thekkepat.

Sawsan Ghanem, managing director and founder of Dubai-based PR marketing communications agency, Active Public Relations, is a restless person. Her mind is constantly bursting with ideas. “Sometimes I wish I could switch off my brain… as it’s constantly juggling different ideas, check lists and more,” she sighs.

Then she smiles. For in her heart she knows she wouldn’t do that even if she could. It’s this restless energy that led er to set up the agency, along with her husband Louay Al Samarrai, in 2003. Nearly a decade later, her award-winning agency can boast a client list that includes Xerox, Autodesk, Western Digital, ME Global, Belkin, Banyan Tree Resorts and JP Morgan.

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