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We’re excited to present our very first Digital Trends Report for the Middle East. We thought it was time to stop and reflect on what has happened in the digital world ever since the Arab Spring. Countless new technologies and improvements in digital have shifted the nature of communications in the region. We think it’s time for Middle Eastern companies to be aware of what happened in the digital world in the past few years, how it has affected their industries and how to benefit from the digital trends outlined in this report.

For our first edition of Digital Trends Report Middle East, we talk about different scenarios of highs and lows in digital. We have done our best to summarize the past 5 years of digital in the region in the 8 most captivating trends that have happened over the past year or so. The 8 chapters delve into the importance of how each trend/movement is changing our future in the way we use technology, we interact, communicate and behave at home, at work and more.

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