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Digital Media 101 – The Workshop

At Active we offer Digital Media consultancy through a multitude of approaches, one-on-one meetings, e-mail conversations or through conference calls. We also offer a tailored Digital Media workshop in which we tackle everything you need to know on digital media and how to use it effectively to achieve desired results.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and many more platforms are here to stay and there are many questions and discussion to elaborate on.

Active Digital Media workshops are specifically designed with startups and Small and Medium Enterprises in mind. The workshops can involve entire teams or key employees within organizations that are in charge of Digital Media/Marketing/Communications.

The major benefit you, as an organization, will reap from our Digital Media workshops, is having a team that is up to date with new marketing tools to expand your brand presence and push it into the digital media sphere.

Not only that, but also new ways to engage with your target audiences that strengthen relationships with your clients & partners, and ultimately deliver results.

Our Digital Media workshop consists of two parts, the first half of it being a crash course on all things Digital Media. In the second half of the workshop we put everything we have preached into practice with your input.

Attendees can opt to attend the workshop in one session, which would be an entire day full of digital revelations, with time off to relax and fuel for some more social goodies provided by us.

Can’t find the time for social talk in one full day? Fear not, we offer the workshop divided over two days as well – these will involve you attending for two half day sessions.

If this sounds like what your company needs asap, email us – or pick up the phone and give us a call on (971-4) 433 5226.

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