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“The digital media for the eSolutions Maximo User Group Conference 2013 was a very important part of our event. Active proved to be up to speed with the new technology in Digital Media and created great content on all social media platforms along with the Twitter wall during the conference and they were very much active while doing so”

Gaby Matar
Group Managing Partner
eSolutions Maximo


At Active, Digital Media ultimately comprises a mixed bag of platforms, channels, tools or apps that we use to help our clients deepen and extend the ways their brand relates to target audiences via interactive experiences and storytelling. “PR 2.0” is here to stay and will only grow strikingly faster as content and experiences continue their migration online and into mobile technologies that bring together the offline and online worlds in exciting ways. The recent revolutions throughout the MENA region are a testament to social media’s deep integration throughout all the key demographic groups.

In 2010, Saudi Arabia’s Twitter use grew by 240%. There are 30.2 million digital media users in the Middle East with 15 million Facebook user and 5.5 million Twitter users in the region. Among the Facebook set, almost 70% of the region’s users are over 25 years old. The UAE in particular adds quite a robust set of users by contributing 40% of all Tweeps and well over 2 million Facebookers. As the mobile developer environment continues to widen in scope, we witness clients in all industries across the region taking on more mobile apps for payments, geolocation, discounts, networking, catalogues, news and leisure.

At Active, we have passion to help marry industry and business to this recent technological awakening. As more demographic groups open up to digital media, we will continue to engage existing users with an ever unfolding list of tools and ideas never previously imagined.

Source: International Quality & Productivity Centre

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