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Betamax, mini-disk, 3D TV; all technologies which didn’t quite cut it. Although you can still buy a 3D TV today, the fact remains, after two hours of charging the glasses, 20 minutes of getting them to work and five minutes of viewing you’re left with a hatred of the technology so deep it almost gets in the way of the migraine you now have as a result of the viewing experience.

Virtual reality (VR) won’t be another dud. It will succeed, because it won’t be the preserve of porn and Pokémon fans, but instead will be embraced by the communications world.

First, let’s get over the hardware hurdle. An orderly line of tech giants has formed who are getting involved in VR with Facebook, Google and Samsung leading the pack. There, hurdle jumped. We’ve got the perfect hardware climate to ensure enough companies have a vested interest in the technology to guarantee one of the ‘headsets’ will become dominant and pervasive.

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