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Being mindful is the place to be. While 2014 was dubbed the year of mindfulness, the hype around the meditative practice is still very much buzzing a year on. Digital health platform Headspace, which provides guided mindfulness training, is now used by more than two million people in over 150 countries.

The idea behind Headspace is that you pay more attention to what you’re feeling at any given moment and focus less on external factors. This helps you maintain a more objective perspective. What we’re starting to see is people apply this to how they communicate.

Go back a few years and you will remember our need to save the entire contents of our digital lives in physical drives. Everything we created, any pictures we took, or any conversations we had would never be lost. But carrying around hard drives of our lives was a hassle. So we started uploading life to the cloud, using the likes of Dropbox, Box and Google Drive, to keep our content safe forever.

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