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Establishing and Maintaining Your Business Reputation with Social Media

Posted on October 25, 2016 by Linda Edirisuriya

In this digital realm, it is imperative that companies establish and maintain a reputable online presence that speaks to its integrity. It is easier to lose trust with the online world than it is to gain it. Whether your business is large or small, social media allows you to serve more than just your local communities. Therefore, it is important to have online appeal.

Use Humour Appropriately

Incorporating humor in your posts can help engage your followers, but you need to know your audience and keep jokes relevant to your topic. When we see something funny or unexpected, it immediately captures our attention and helps you stand out from all the digital “noise”. Humor also allows you to showcase the more relatable, human side of your brand. Big events or holidays are a great time to inject a little humour into your social media account. Considering your brand and audience, look for opportunities around popular events and hashtags to get your humorous post noticed.

Fact-check and Spell-check Your Content

If you’re proofreading your own social posts, take the time to check your math, verify spelling, look up definitions, and do a little online sleuthing to confirm the validity of your claims. Don’t just rely on your gut feeling. You can also ask a colleague to proof read your content before they go live.

Respond to All Comments and Complaints

Responding and participating in conversations with your customers and advocates help you build brand loyalty. If you don’t have time to respond on your social sites, you’re likely better off just closing down your accounts. A lack of response is worse than having no social profile at all. You need to know what your customers are saying and sharing so you can address potential issues before they grow into bigger ones. You might also potentially turn a negative experience into a positive one. If you see a social post about a potential problem with your business, send that person a message offering to continue the discussion offline to help rectify it.

Respond to both Positive and Negative Reviews

Many businesses routinely respond to negative reviews, but don’t think about acknowledging positive ones. Show your appreciation to customers who take the time to share positive experiences with your product or service. It’s more than good manners; it’s good business.

Do take care of how you respond. Some of your customers may have unpredictable sensitivities. Acknowledge reviews as quickly as possible and be polite and professional.

Search for Duplicate Social Media accounts

Regularly search each of your social media platforms for your company name. If you see a duplicate account, open it and make a note of whom you’re connected with. If you don’t know who created the account, use the online help centers to find remedies, which differ for each social platform.

To avoid internal issues within your company, make sure your social media policy includes a stipulation that employees can’t create their own sites with your business name.


Once you become accustomed to it, maintaining your firm’s online reputation will become second nature. It’s an excellent means by which to meet people and enhance your company’s visibility. Maintaining pace with ever-expanding technological advances, using them advantageously, and closely monitoring the words your team uses in online conversations will benefit you, your staff, and your company. Before you send a tweet or post a status that you wish you could take back, be cognizant of how you’re communicating with customers and prospects.

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