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Talking beauty in the digital era

Posted on February 25, 2016 by Catarina Carvalheira

With Anika Morjaria.

Being a universal part of the human experience, beauty is by far one of the most amazingly chameleonic industries. Beauty has always been an important element of people’s lifestyle and every year there is a new trend in makeup from the “natural look” to the “contouring glam look”. Beauty bloggers, vloggers and other trend setters make any new trend an internet sensation within weeks and even hours sometimes. Beauty and digital make the perfect match and we look forward to knowing the next hits of the “beaugital” couple!

Social Media space allows information and visual content to travel with high speeds and reach out to concerned audience. Digitalization of beauty industry does not only allow brand interaction with key audience but also offers an abundancy of user generated content. You have to appeal to people and their preferences to make your content trendy and sharable, create the buzz and engage with Social Media influencers. Therefore, brands must embrace the social era and create new ways of engagement, interaction and trend setting.


Real People + Real Time =heart

In the love story of beauty and digital, social media arises as the game changer of the fashion industry as it gives the brands the opportunity to have a real-time conversation with their customers.

Through Social media, the brands are capable of using people’s content across other channels whether online or offline.  Hence, Social media is just the perfect concealer for a two way communication as it enhances the engagement between the brands and their target.

Girls chat with Anika Morjaria

In order to have a better understanding of the beauty bloggers’ world, we got the inside story from one of the most influential Periscopers in the UAE with over 13.000 followers – Anika Morjaria, who talked to us about beauty in the era of Social media.

What is the channel where you see more responses and engagement from your followers?

The best way to generate responses is to be present in the channels where you feel more comfortable in sharing your experiences. If you feel comfortable on the screen, you should use Youtube, for instance; if on the other hand you prefer writing about a product, then you should do it that way. In my case, I’ve been using Periscope a lot recently as it requires you to be honest and genuine. There are no edits and this is very important when engaging with your followers as they need to trust you and know that you are real.

The ‘real’ factor is crucial to engage with your audiences?

Definitely! When I am reviewing a product on Periscope, my viewers know that I am being as honest as possible. And most importantly, they can ask me and talk to me while I’m recording and we can interact with each other with no delay and in an actually real time conversation.

Now, let’s go to the real deal: What does your makeup kit contain?

I’m always equipped with a good foundation and mascara to ensure my eyelashes have volume and allow me to stand out. I try to be up to date with the latest beauty trends and I keep my makeup kit adapted to every occasion. For example, now I am using red lipstick and a smokey eye shadow effect to stand out in an evening party.

What is the next makeup trend?

I believe that 2016 will continue to see a colorful pallete with bold and mixed tones and patterns. Anything that makes you stand out is going to be trendy and you should always try to be different.

About Anika Morjaria

Anika is currently a TV hostess in Dubai and saw the opportunity of engaging with the public and improve her communication skills through a strong presence in the social media. Follow Anika on her several channels:






Snapchat: LiterallyAnika

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