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What a difference PR makes!

Posted on February 26, 2015 by Mara Carpencu

PR can sometimes be at the bottom of the priority list for busy sales directors, who don’t always make the connection between their PR coverage and the new deal they can strike. So when one of our clients invited us to talk at their annual sales meeting this month, we jumped at the opportunity, for it’s not often that we get a chance to set the record straight.

There is often a misconception or confusion between PR, advertising and marketing: who does what, which is which. However, the differences cannot be greater. Both PR and advertising are usually employed in parallel and form part of the overall marketing strategy, whose responsibility is ultimately to support the business and its sales process. While advertising has a direct cost and message attached to it, PR works in a more subtle way to get the corporate message across.

So how exactly does PR work in favor of a business? PR is usually unpaid coverage, which means it’s a lot more credible than a paid ad. It is mostly used to promote goodwill and thought leadership, the corporate image, as well as the company’s products or services. It can build, manage or repair reputation and build relationships with the public, peers and stakeholders. By linking all PR activity to strategies and business priorities, PR can establish brands in new markets, break down the barriers to closing deals and even shorten the sales cycle. In a competitive business environment, PR helps companies differentiate themselves and get that leading edge.

Case studies, interviews, through leadership by-line articles, all help raise the company’s exposure. This means that their potential clients will not only have more faith and confidence in opting for their solutions, but they will perhaps be inclined to choose that company’s services over those of a competitor. As for ROI, the PR value of a piece of coverage that spread across 2-3 pages in a widely read magazine will have four times the Ad value and cost 10 times less. So ultimately the question for companies that want to stay ahead is not whether or not to do PR, but how.




What Motivates Me?

Posted on February 22, 2015 by Lovelyn Rodrigues

I wake up every morning wondering what is in store for me today. Do I get to see an appreciation email from my client or an unpleasant one? Will I get to be around optimistic people or do I have to deal with difficult people.  I keep looking for answers and realize regardless of the situation I have the power to make my day the way I want it to be. Being happy is my choice.

Reading the news does make me wonder where we’re heading to; From people being raped to people dying due to plane crash – tragedies take place and the natural calamities are not in our control. This makes me realize I need to enjoy every single minute of my life and remember I am here for a reason. Watching the campaign #WhatAreYouFor by SMART has been a great idea to deliver the message of living a cheerful life and to get inspired by the things around you. We need to create the opportunity if we want to make a difference. I get inspired by people I connect with on a daily basis and it leads to a certain accomplishment in terms of learning something and to deal with a dozen of problems.

There are times we feel enthusiastic, energized, motivated when we start something new but eventually the feeling dies out. Motivation is to do with desire to achieve something great. Believing in our potential and realizing we are the most important person will help us in our desire to live the life we want and deserve. It is always good to take chances but we always need to ask ourselves why before doing something. But dare and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Willpower, persistence and self-discipline are key elements which will enable you to never give up.

There is a purpose for our life to achieve something great and I am going to make life to be brighter and carefree every day.


First things first, I’m the nicest.

Posted on February 16, 2015 by Angela Feuillet

The first impression is always the most important and we definitely don’t want to give away the wrong image, too much information or set the wrong impression. That’s why when our job consists mostly of media relations and handling clients, it is even more important to know how to introduce ourselves when we get to know new people.

Meeting someone new can be nerve wracking at times, that’s the reason why we always want to be on our best behavior and we are seen trying to depict the best version of ourselves. Although we also want to blend in some of our personality traits that help define us, and make us for who we are, we all know that we will probably never be able to charm an entire crowd; unless we are George Clooney and we can wink or make jokes.

It is important that we stay true to who we are, in our professional environment as well as in our private life. The same rule also applies for brands who decide to communicate with a new audience in a different way that they have been branding themselves for years. Everyone gets confused, your main audience is lost and your new target is even more lost. You know that you will never get anywhere because of the poor messaging, signals, that you decided to give.

In the end, making an impression on people remains to be defined by our actions, and sure it can’t be easy to combine smart, funny, kind, open and dynamic all at once, but if some people appear to be naturally more charming, for the rest of us, I truly believe in remaining ourselves in any occasions. This will avoid us many inconvenient – or sometimes awkward – situations and help us gain trust with the people we want to resonate with.


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