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A PR abroad

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Active

As I’m writing this, the sun is setting on the first day of the Octopus-Active International Job Swap. So, what have I learnt? Well, despite Dubai and London being over 4,000 miles apart, the similarities in our approaches to PR are surprisingly similar.

  • MUSIC: A passion for the office boom box is most certainly mutual. Pharell Williams’ ‘Happy’ is definitely an international success, see Active PR’s brilliantly charming impersonation video here
  • MEDIA RELATIONS: Interacting with the media is just as high a priority in the Middle East as it is in the UK. If anything, it is perhaps even more important due to there being a slightly lower uptake in social media channels across the Gulf. The PR mantra is universal: ‘Coverage. Coverage. Coverage.’
  • FOOD: I thought Octopus Group was alone in being borderline obsessive about our eating habits, with all sorts of baked goods making their way through the front door everyday. That was until I realised that Active PR has a very healthy preoccupation with sharing chocolate. I, for one, am not complaining a bit
  • PEOPLE: We’re lucky at Octopus to have a shedload of charisma, talent and dare I say banter. The minute I stepped through Active’s door I knew that this quality is shared. The only thing that outshines the work that Active produces is the team: a truly stellar bunch!

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into a few more client activities during the week. More news and reviews to come from this PR abroad.


A Lucky Girl in London

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Active

When I told everyone around me: “I am going to London”; their reply was “LUCKY YOU GIRL”. They are right, indeed.

It is my first time being here in London Town and there is more than 100 of things to do and see:  The museums, the parks, the food markets, theatres, River and Waterways, beautiful greens spaces, iconic shopping centres likes Selfridges and Harrods, the capital’s spectacular sporting venues, the diversity of the architectural styles, the art galleries, etc… Trust me; there are lots and lots to add on…

I landed safely on Sunday, 23rd of March and started the touring around. First of all, the weather is incredibly awesome; the temperature is 11°C with a lovely gray sky! Once checked in at the hotel, I went to Oxford Street – one of my to do list recommended by Sawsan. Sawsan was my “Siri” (her directions were easier than the ones given by a Londoner!). I stepped into Selfridges – the taste of this special carrot cake served by the lovely Maria at Dolly’s will never be forgotten, the crowd at the iconic department store, the Mariage Frères shop downstairs, and Hyde Park… Walking around these clean streets, royal parks and historical architectures make you feel refreshed, relaxed…


My second day started with a light breakfast at the hotel, and then it was time for the tube adventure towards the Octopus offices located in South East London! Not going to lie, this was a bit terrifying. I got lost in the intersections and imagine that feeling when you try to get out of a room and all that you find are locked doors. Long story short, I reached the Elephant and Castle station and luckily, Lawrie (An Octopus team member) was meeting me at the station, but guess what; it was the other side of the station. We managed to meet and we had to walk for another 10 mins.

Finally, I got into the Octopus office. It is an open space, a huge room with everyone sitting on an adjacent desk. Everyone welcomed me warmly.  I settled in and then started to go through my day plan; I met with the Account Executive, the Sr Account Executive, the account manager as well as the account director – each has something different and interesting to share with me. I have shared with them the “Happy” video and they were like “how many people were forced to do that?” ha-ha.

Everyone in the office seems busy but responsive whenever I have a question to ask. One of my planned activities for this week is to visit their Windsor offices who work for big clients such as SAP, Riverbed, Kronos and much more… I am looking forward to meeting them and brief them about our A-team skills and expansion as well as the Middle East PR Landscape in general! Lots to tell in my experience summary!

Hence, the best thing about this city so far, is that everyone speaks English and walking around is the best option :)


Lots of Love guys and I miss you all already <3


All the Social Ladies

Posted on March 9, 2014 by Fatima El Malki

On Saturday, 8th March, the world celebrated International Women’s Day. A concept that once started as a  socialist political event, turned into an occasion for men to express their love and gratitude for having women in their lives. Yes, what would the world be like without us women? Nowhere. Just think about all the TLC the world would miss out on. It truly pains my heart just thinking of it.

On a serious note though, International Women’s Day was introduced by the United Nations back in 1977 to raise awareness of the struggles of women worldwide and as an occasion to celebrate women’s economic, political, and social achievements. With me coming from a tech background, what were recent achievements by women in this male dominated industry?

I’ve got mad respect for Melissa Mayer, Google’s first female engineer. As soon as she got hired as President and CEO of Yahoo in July 2012, Melissa thought it was just the right time to announce her pregnancy. That’s confidence right there. Melissa is a true role model for working women by taking on a powerful job like that whilst expecting a baby.

In general, women are making huge strides as innovators by proving to be the drivers of the social media market. According to a recent infographic published by, women rule social media in more ways than one.

Across all the top social media platforms, women use them more than men. Let’s have a look at the stats and put them against each other:

  • Facebook: Women 76% vs. Men 66%
  • Twitter: Women 18% vs. Men 17%
  • Instagram: Women 20% vs. Men 15%
  • Pinterest: Women 33% vs. Men 8%
  • Tumblr: Women 54% vs. Men 46%

On LinkedIn, men have proven to be more active with 24% in comparison to 19% women who use the website.

What this overall means for men, is to step up their social media game and presence in order to not lose out on business opportunities in their markets. Coming to a conclusion that man need to step up their game or else women will walk all over them sure is great way to end a women’s themed blog like this. Happy International Women’s day ladies, and keep on tweeting.


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