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It’s raining events!

Posted on October 7, 2013 by Mara Carpencu

It’s finally October! For most people in Europe, this means autumn is well on its way, with all the rainy, gloomy, cold days and a few extra layers of clothes. People begin to retreat to their homes, get depressed over the long-gone summer, sip on hot teas and plan for the winter holidays. For people in this part of the world however, it’s a different story!

Most people living in Dubai get excited at the first signs of autumn: breathable air, perfect temperatures, al fresco dining, and the possibility to walk outside or swim in the sea again. But it’s not just the weather that makes us happy to be residents in Dubai this time of the year. Autumn here also means the events season is back in full swing!  Concerts, exhibitions, international conferences, world famous performers, award ceremonies, festivals, gala dinners, sport competitions – the list goes on and on. With something different happening every day, we are really spoiled for choice, as the city comes to life again!

What’s even better than attending an event is actually putting one together! I have always enjoyed the excitement and the buzz around organizing an event and Dubai has never been short of such opportunities. From the thrills of finding the right venue and agreeing on the programme and participants, to the small details like the design of invitations and collateral, to preparing the press release and getting everything ready on time, there are heaps of things to consider.  Preparation is key.  And so is preparing for the unprepared, as regardless of the deadlines and the lead time, there will always be unexpected things you need to be ready to tackle as they arise, such as last minute requests, changes in the schedule or even sudden media opportunities.  An event means a fast paced, multi-tasking, high-pressure working environment. And most of the time you’ll pass through it so fast you won’t realize what happened. But when the crowd has left and the lights go off, you find yourself smiling and forget all the challenges, as there’s no greater satisfaction than the feeling of accomplishment when you have managed to successfully pull it all together.


At Active we strive on bringing value to our clients’ events, from exhibitions or conferences to press events. Whether we organize them, oversee them or just contribute by managing the media, our expertise goes beyond simple Public Relations. After being at events like MEPEC and the Smarter Security Summit, our event season has just begun. GITEX, the biggest technology expo in the region, is just around the corner and the pulse in the agency is definitely beating faster as we’re all eager to support our clients. There may not be clouds or thunderstorms this autumn in Dubai, but it will surely be raining with events!

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