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Think of your social media audience like they are the love of your life

Posted on September 25, 2012 by Active

Recently I came across this infographic and it made me think again of the way we use social media. Beside some obvious rules, there are few that I personally consider more important than others.

The 36 Rules of Social Media

Source: FastCompany.

My favourite is Rule 29 – “People don’t want to shop (my personal note: “to do business”) where they socialize”. This is one of my main rules when I build social media strategies, especially when it comes to Facebook pages. I definitely think that “selling” on the Facebook page will never work, and this reminds me of another rule that is not in here: “70-20-10”, where 70% of the content should be useful information for our fans, 20% should be conversation, engagement with our fans, and only 10% should be self promotion.

It’s like a relationship – if most of the time you are only talking about yourself and you are only concerned about your own problems, without listening to the other person or giving your support, the relation will not work. Engaging with your audience is like engaging with your life partner – if there is no genuine love and care about the other – the relationship will not last.

Rule 39 “Contests and Sweepstakes are fine – if you want to encourage short relationships” reminds me of one of my observations on social media. There are so many contests and competitions out there, most of them irrelvant and not targeted – that people are not longer interested to participate, even if at the end of it they might get something for free.  I think the point here is that first you need to build your brand on social media on the “70-20-10” rule and only after you have a strong and stable relationship with your audience you can use contests to “reward” them.

What’s your favourite rule and why?

Broadcast Live Video From Your Facebook Profile

Posted on September 17, 2012 by Active

Have you ever wanted to broadcast live video from your Facebook profile? Perhaps you are attending a special event and loved ones can’t be there and they are not up to Skyping.

Broadcast for Friends is an application from Ustream that easily allows you to stream live video from your iPhone 4G, iPhone 3G or WiFi to your Facebook timeline.

Let’s take you through the application.

Connect to Facebook

After installing the application on your phone, this is the welcoming screen. It easily connects you to your Facebook profile. Currently it doesn’t allow you to connect to a fan page, but you can select one Facebook profile to stream your video too. You’ll be given the option to select who views the stream (friends, public, only you) but if you are streaming live video to your profile, you’ll more than likely select either public or friends option so that they can see what you are streaming.

First screen

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InstaAttention on Instagram

Posted on September 11, 2012 by Active

Sometimes you just wanted to be ♥ on the popular photo sharing platform Instagram.

The best way to do this is to add hashtags before sharing the photo. We’ve experimented with not using hashtags and then using the below listed hashtags (as appropriate) and there was definitely a rise in a number of likes by a variety of users on Instagram.

And you just never know … your work might be featured on the Instagram feed by catching everyone’s attention with the right hashtag.

Enjoy and leave us a comment with the hashtags that you love to use.

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Ten Powers of Leadership

Posted on September 10, 2012 by Active

Work Happy‘ author Jill Geisler is the go-to expert on building leaders, managers and great places to work. Her advice is positive and practical, built on deep experience and respected research from her work at the Poynter Institue.

Recently she published a podcast titled “Ten  Powers of Leadership … What Great Bosses Know About Power” from a university commencement address she gave.

It was inspiring to listen to these great tips as it refreshed my own committment to how I want to use my own leadership powers for good.  This top 10 list is just the cream of the information she shared so if you would like to soak in all the tips she shared don’t hesitate to listen to her free podcast; which is downloadable from iTunesU.


Top 10 Powers of Leadership

  1. Power of Appreciation … never too much feedback from bosses;
  2. Power of Encouragement … giving employees that important second wind whatever goal is at hand;
  3. Power of Critical Thinking …  continuos learning happens through critical thinking and encourages questions to be asked;
  4. Power of Optimism … emotions are contagious; especially from people of influence;
  5. Power of Resilience … space and time between between disappointment and recommitment;
  6. Power of Laughter … levity can bring genuine happiness to others and also reduce stress in the workplace;
  7. Power of Collaboration … find out what makes a great day at work for someone who does a job you don’t do and learn what their bosses expect and find out what obstacles get in their way so that in the end you can expand boundaries and break barriers;
  8. Power of Apology …  an apology is the hallmark of integrity;
  9. Power of Choice … motivation to embrace ideas and solutions of our own creation;
  10. Power of Love … the route of all inspiration is love.
And then she shared one last power … a bonus, the power to make memories, and as Jill said, “never miss the chance to make memories.” By tuning in and listening to Jill’s knowledge it allowed me to recommit to my own leadership powers for good.

What would you choose to be your powers of leadership?

'Work Happy' cover

The Little Things

Posted on September 3, 2012 by Active

So the other night, and when I say that I am referring to my Saturday night. Having had a very interesting Thursday and Friday I decided that I would stay at home, chill, eat a burger and watch a bad Chic flick sort of movie. So I was flipping through the channels on my OSN box and came across HITCH – just starting.

For those of you that haven’t watched or even heard of HITCH it is basically about a date doctor, played by Will Smith and a tough gossip columnist, played by Eva Mendez who, through certain events in the movie meet up, start liking each other, find something out about each other, fight, break up and then in a moment of self-realization admit their love for each other and end up living happily ever after – not much different than the usual chick flick story line.

Perfect I thought – just what the doctor had ordered. So as I sat on the couch eating my mushroom n Swiss burger, going through the number of things that I had to do the next day at work all the while attempting to watch the movie, even though I knew the plot line as through I had wrote it myself, Will Smith said something that I thought was interesting, here it is –

“Life isn’t about the breaths we take, it’s about the moments that take our breath away.”

At first I thought the line was super cheesy that the burger I was enjoying so much, almost came out the way it went it (excuse the graphic imagery) but then I thought about it – how many of us actually take the time to relish and appreciate all the little things in life that make us happy but that we are too busy to notice?

The quote resonated with me, sometimes, I get too caught up in trying to do everything all the time. Making sure I deliver the best I can at work, coffee with friends, dinner with family, drinks with colleagues and I allow life to pass me by. I focus too hard on getting through the day in a manner which for some reason I think is the way it should be that I forget to take notice of everything else around me such as, amazing weather, friends getting married, a child laughing so hard in the park that I can’t help but smile, a dog playing with a cat, a bbm from a friend I hadn’t heard from in a while – all the things that should be what matter in life.

So I have made a decision, by no means am I going to alter my life drastically, but I am going to take a couple of minutes every day to let life take my breath away.

YUK – saying that made my morning coffee almost come back up – but hey, food for thought that I thought I would share!

"Enjoy the little things in life"

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