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To Tweet or not to Tweet?

Posted on February 23, 2012 by Active

Twitter bird holding 'Follow me' signNow for me, that is THE QUESTION!

Social Media is an entity that I, personally find difficult to master. I completely understand that there are a huge number of benefits presented to you once you allow yourself to open up to social media forums and since there are too many to mention in this blog – I am going to focus on Twitter.

Twitter and I used to be enemies. I didn’t understand what everyone found so interesting in a little blue birdie. If I couldn’t express myself in 140 characters than apparently what I had to say was just not interesting enough to share with the world, every time anyone thought that it was important to share what they had for breakfast they would tweet and to top it all off my computer would make, what I thought, was an annoying chirping sound. My tweet deck would be updating itself faster than a bat out of hell and keeping up with a single conversation trail was like trying to crack a Morse code.

Twitter, twitter, twitter it got so big people started talking in tweet form, almost as if, if you couldn’t say what you needed to in under 30 seconds your audience would automatically fall into a narcoleptic state and shut down on you. As it got bigger it became a forum where businesses would put ideas out there or push competitions to gain  more followers and it became clear to me, with the assistance of my patient Active PR team, that in order to keep up in our crazy PR world – I would need to become a twitter birdie in a quickie!

So, the transition started taking place. First I opened a twitter account, second I followed a couple of people and associations I was interested in, third I tweeted once a month about something that was work related, fourth I followed more people and started to gain more followers, fifth

I started to keep tweetdeck open on my computer just to see what certain people were up to, sixth I started to tweet more often and about anything and everything, seventh I got over the awkwardness of tweeting ‘at’ strangers and started holding conversations, eighth I have started agreeing with people that I find twitter interesting, ninth I have mastered the art of #-ing and @-ing and tenth I am currently competing with a colleague of mine to gather more followers.

Let’s, get back to the main questions – to tweet or not to tweet?? If you asked me in December of 2011 I would have said forget about it there is no way I will waste my time on twitter – ask me now and I reply – y nt? I cnt c nething rong thanx 2 #ActivePR.

To cause or not to cause?

Posted on February 2, 2012 by Active

CauseOkay, there is something that really bothers me on Facebook and I don’t know if I should say it out loud. But with the risk of looking like a horrible person, I’ll say it: I don’t like when people send me causes on Facebook. It’s a small world, so we end up all receiving the same thing several times. It’s like the old times on email, when we used to receive emails (spams) and with threats at the end of the email that something horrible would happen to us if we didn’t forward the email to I don’t know how many people in the next hour. Only this time it is more subtle. They are messing with my brain and my heart. I know there are bad and unfair things happening in this world; children are getting sick and dying, people have nothing to eat and are dying of starvation, and cruel people are killing animals for no reason to name a few . We all have the dream of saving the world and we think that if we share these causes with everyone we have done our bit. The thing is that instead of having the effect of creating awareness, an inflation of causes will just make me ignore them every time I see them, and try to find ways of not receiving them in the future.

So where do we draw the line between being a good hearted person and being a spammer? I honestly don’t know, but what I do know is that seeing a cause it rather bother me then make me consider even reading it. And I’m probably not the only one.

I used to feel guilty, but the truth is I cannot save the world, no matter how much I want to. What I can do though is do my little bit of contribution and give someone, in this world, a real chance, to do something that they couldn’t do it otherwise. I encourage everyone to choose that little bit of something they feel it will make a difference in someone’s life and do it well and constantly. If every single person in the world would do the same, I am sure we would live in a better world. Any small action that we take in the real life to help someone, values more than sharing a cause on Facebook, I think. Food for thought anyway, for the Facebook generation!

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