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Update: Entrepreneur Loudspeaker Competition

Posted on September 16, 2011 by Active

If you haven’t heard, we at Active PR have been running an Entrepreneurs Loudspeaker Competition. We are going to give one lucky winner of the competition $20,000/- worth of PR  . We asked start-ups in the region to submit their two minute videos telling us why they should win the competition. All videos were voted on and the top 5 videos with the most votes are going through to the next round where a panel of select judges will decide who is going to win!

After several weeks of voting, the number of votes are below.

Loudspeaker Competition scores (11 Sep 2011)

We really enjoyed watching all the videos in the office – very cool initiatives seen in all different industries. Good luck to the final five – take a look at their videos and tell us what you think!

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Things that make me love my job

Posted on September 7, 2011 by Active

After graduating with a degree in Business and Marketing, I soon found myself working in the PR industry. At first, it all came as a maze to me and couldn’t quite understand what PR is really all about. After 2 years, I have gained so much knowledge through this  industry and I have grown to love waking up every morning and getting my day started in this amazing field.


Getting to meet great people

The best thing I love in PR is the opportunity of getting to meet some of the most inspirational players in certain industries & young entrepreneurs. Not only that – I’ve always been fortunate enough to meet a few celebrities through this great industry I work in.

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The Art of Multi-Tasking

Posted on September 4, 2011 by Active

The Art of Multitasking

Being a person that prides herself on being able to organize her life ranging from her office work and desk to her IPod, laptop and closet, when I was told when joining Active PR that I would need to be comfortable with multi-tasking – I thought ‘piece of cake!’

With the notion that being organized meant multi-tasking would come as easily as tying my shoe-lace I quickly picked up that even though it was a helpful tool – multi-tasking was a beast of its own. It was useful that my desk was tidy – that way trying to locate 5 things at once was slightly quicker than it would have been if my desk was a tip – making sure I wrote notes down in a diary was another helpful tool of my organizational OCD that enabled me to remember the 5,000 different little things I had to complete within a 9 hour working day.

I learnt that in public relations, particularly when working within an agency, consultants are constantly juggling different clients and their needs. I could be writing a press release for one client, answering another client’s email all the while chatting to the media pitching a third client’s editorial trying to nail an interview in one of their tier 1 publications.

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