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A Typology of Social Media Interaction Strategy

Posted on May 23, 2011 by Active

Typology of social media interaction

Just like a car transmission, anyone operating social media will find themselves shifting between a few outreach strategies that define their communication style. The above graphic illustrates four separate approaches or strategies (and non-strategies) possible for you to employ while socializing online.

Purposeful-Forced (PF) Example: It’s 4pm, towards the end of a campaign, and I am concerned about boosting “likes” and tweets to this very blog post. So I hunt around the internet looking for other bloggers who have written similar things and I start commenting on their blogs in the hopes that I will get them to comment on my blog.

Purposeful-Natural (PN) ExampleIt’s 10am and I am experiencing a coffee buzz and feeling happy. I  haven’t forgotten my long-term campaign objectives as I scan my Twitter and Facebook feeds. But I’m feeling witty and naturally conversational, yet I refrain from just replying to anyone’s comments. hosting information lookup . Because I have been selective in who I network with, it is just a matter of time until I find the right tweet to respond to. Our interaction moves forward a very strategic conversation that aligns with my campaign objectives. I am both social and strategic at the same time. I am happy because encounters like this aren’t always so easy to run into. It’s sort of like trying to find a Starbucks cafe when you aren’t looking for anything else but a Starbucks cafe. You will only see one the second you stop trying so hard.

Open Aim-Forced (OF) Example: I’ve joined a new social network prior to having a clear strategy or goal for using it, yet I am highly interested in boosting all kinds of metrics that would indicate my importance or activeness in the world of social media.  I am feeling loquacious, clicking away, and pretty much just being all over the place, all day long. My acrobatic commentary demonstrates an ability to  find something witty to say about everything from my friend’s brother’s cat to Muammar Gaddafi. Clicking away like a mad man, I add friends from Indonesia to Morocco, giving them “thumbs up” and high fives. I have successfully lodged my profile picture deep into recesses  of 50,000 some peoples’ brains. However they are not sure exactly what to make of it. I am definitely being  an (OF) type of interactionist.

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Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – Crème de la Crème

Posted on May 16, 2011 by Active

19th – 25th June 2011, Palais de Festivals, Cannes, France

Imagine a place where the most creative and inspirational minds get together… Imagine the energy in only one place where thought leaders and experts in all forms of communications and creative thinking from all over the world come together to inspire over 8,000 industry professionals. This place exists at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity which takes place every year, in June, on the French Riviera.

And this grand introduction begs a question about the importance of education for communication professionals. Namely, how is it that we learn and how do we keep up to speed with a world that is changing at a faster pace than ever? By learning every day? That’s definitely a part of it. We need inspiration; we need to open our horizons and be in permanent connection with what’s happening around the world.

Some will only look at the Cannes Lions as an advertising festival. I am even surprised to see that industry professionals – at least in the UAE – still call it the “International Advertising Festival”. But that’s another superficial look on the industry and the event. Cannes Lions started in 1954 inspired by the International Film Festival in Cannes and ended up being today the largest gathering of industry professionals, creative minds, trend setters, innovators around the world.

Cannes Lions is today, above all, about education, inspiration and creativity. It’s a place where it all comes together and where everyone has only one goal: to get an infusion of creativity and inspiration and to learn, learn and learn…

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A Day in The Life of a PR Professional

Posted on May 12, 2011 by Active

7:30am – My alarm bell rings, loudly. I have it on the highest setting in case I don’t hear it and oversleep so I always wake up very suddenly in the morning. It takes me twenty minutes to get to work in the morning and so I like to leave the house just after half past 8. Calmetisace . I was living in England for the past 3 years and so whenever I draw my curtains in the morning and see the sunshine and blue sky it makes me very happy.

9am – I get to work by 9 am every morning and catch up with everyone in the office. We have the radio on and we all spend the first few minutes browsing through newspapers and websites to see if our clients have been mentioned or if there is any interesting competitor or industry news. I’ll get through urgent emails at this point and see what needs responding to asap. what is dns I will normally sign onto twitter and check what is going on in the world. After I send some news highlights to the team I create a task list outlining everything that I have to get through during the day.

11:30am – At this point I will be working my way through my task list – everyday is so different in PR which is one thing I really love about my job. I might be attending an interview, attending a meeting or proof-reading an editorial.

12:30pm – Every Sunday we all convene and have our weekly Sunday Status Meeting. We go through our weekly activities and update the rest of the team as to the status of these and see if and how we can support each other. This meeting normally lasts over an hour and by the end of the meeting I will have a list of things mainly follow up phone calls or emails that need attending to.

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PROI Singapore – A Review

Posted on May 11, 2011 by Louay Al-Samarrai

As you may or may not know, we are members of the Public Relations Organization International or PROI – founded in 1971. This is a network of independent PR Agencies that leverage their global knowledge and expertise as well as extensive network of contacts and Clients across a wide range of industry sectors.

This is a very active network and it requires of its members true commitment and not lip service hence the global gathering that takes place annually at different venues around the world.

This year, reflecting the move of economic power to the East from the West, the venue was held in Singapore, a financial and commercial hub of Asia, and one of the most progressive economies in the world.

Our hosts, Foreword PR, were both generous and faultless with their hospitality and their organization of elements of the conference.

Two days of meetings, work groups and presentations, both by different regions and also – this time around – guest speakers from Google Asia and BBC Asia, made the event both colourful and informative.

There were some 56 Agencies in attendance and this involved our partners from Los Angeles to Brisbane, Japan to South Africa, Brazil to Egypt and was a great opportunity to share experiences, best practice, contacts and – of course – new business opportunities!

It would be too long to go into a day-by-day summary so I have attempted to summarize the key areas of this meeting as follows:

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Fluffy “PR Bunny” Style PR vs. an Industry with Pride

Posted on May 8, 2011 by Sawsan Ghanem

PR professionals work long and hard every day, fighting for mindshare– in a crowded marketplace – on behalf of their Clients in a targeted and well thought-out manner. This does not involve the blanket sending out of news announcements to every media contact they have (a frequent mistake PR bunnies would make), or agreeing to hold a press conference for a Client when there is no ‘real’ news as that’’s what was asked of them. Another big “no no” …is calling up media contacts they are friendly with and asking them to publish an editorial, news story, or interview for their Clients as a favour…. This is just outright poor behavior, to be avoided like the plague. A story, pitch, campaign and more …needs to stand out on its own merits. A true PR professional adding value to his/her Clients understands this and always works on creating communications and opportunities that are relevant, impactful and of value to the target audiences no matter who they are whilst being in line with the PR campaign’s objectives.

The “PR Bunny” stereotype is one that often casts a shadow on the PR industry and the professionals who work hard and smart every day, driving strategic communication campaigns for their Clients. This is not to say that PR bunnies don’’t exist, but they are too often hyped up and used to beat their more serious counterparts on the head with, perhaps influencing colleagues to push a weak story to the media, making something out of nothing and hence jeopardizing the Client’s credibility as well as the PR Agency’s.

PR professionals who are successful and happy in their career are passionate about the industry and what they do every minute of the day, staying tuned into the news or other mediums related to PR, not restricting themselves to working hours — basically staying up-to-date with their fingers on the pulse 24/7. They also need to constantly brush up on many skills that are key, including writing, pitching (master the elevator pitch), strategic planning, creative thinking and application, media training, key messaging, crisis management handling, social media — and more. As you can see, being a true PR professional is no easy feat. They operate in the field of reputation management… — a very sensitive field. No room for PR bunnies in it.

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