A Added value
C Creativity
T Team work
I Initiative
V Vibrant
E Excellence

Our story

When Sawsan Ghanem and Louay Al-Samarrai founded Active DMC in 2003, they did so with a vision to drive organizations’ marketing campaigns and help them deliver on their communication and business objectives.

Global Reach and Regional Expertise

Active DMC offers businesses in-depth regional marketing expertise with over 25 years’ experience in the Middle East and North Africa region. Active DMC extends its service offering internationally through its partner network and affiliates.


A vibrant Agency that challenges itself every day to leverage best practices through a diverse set of communication services and creativity to deliver results.

We hold dear the true essence of teamwork, adding value in everything we do.

As founding members of the PRCA Middle East chapter we are committed to upholding the code of ethics and implementing the CPD programmes in place.

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Partners and affiliates

The advantage that these networks bring to Clients is that they offer access to a network of independent public relations consultancies identified as being the best in their markets or region. This differs from global same name networks where there may be inconsistencies across markets.